-Is it a one-time payment?


There are NO updates, upsells or extra charges.

-When do i get the product after buying?

After the moment payment verified, you can have your Robot or Indicator by mail.

Check your email (and junk mail) for your members area registration link to download Forex Fury.

-How often does the EA trade?

This depends on the market conditions, and how many accounts you are running. But generally 5 working days of week, 24 hours it works on your account

-Are there any any membership fees?

No! There is no any membership fee but you can lease the Robots if you want to check operation.

When you pay for any product, you will access completely to it for lifetime.

-What broker do i use?

Any MT4 broker is compatible, we have clients all around the world.

You can use your current broker, or choose from our recommendations in the website. But remember that, based on Robots strategy, you have to consider the type of your account. Sometimes you need to have Micro(cent) account.

-Is it possible to lease the Robots?

Yes. We have an offer which allows you to lease the Robots and pay the fee monthly.

-Is there a free trial?

No, there is no free trial, but you can see live and real results on the Myfxbook website. Click here to find out more.

-What is the minimum deposit?

Based on your willing, you can start with demo account or also a real micro account. But you have to remember that for each Robots, there are some rules you have to follow. Rules such as minimum deposit, the leverage and trading lot and also time fram.

-Can i use this on my phone?

You can observe Robots activity on your phone but you can’t run it by your phone. Keep in mind, you need a PC,Laptop or VPS to run Robots on MT4.

-How to trust and select a good EA?

In order to trust an EA you need to check its live results, trading statements and backtest. One of the most trustworthy platform to analyze performance is MYFXBOOK.com, where you can see all these info. All of EA has live account in myfxbook where you can check it out

-How to install and does it open and close trade?

Installation is simple and explained in 5 min video, once installation is done the rest is fully automatic, the EA is smart and open and close trades in profit on autopilot.

-Does it needs high level of expertise to install and use it?

It doesn’t need because we have shown step to step on how to use and setup the indicator in a video which is i

-How does the EA work?

All the Robots has an artificial intelligent which can analyze market based on its algorithm, strategy, market conditions on that moment and automatically start to trade. You don’t need to observe market constantly. because of that, forex Robots are a good choice for now days.

-What will be the risk and drawdown? is there fix stop loss or take profit?

You need to follow the given setting to benefit the most based on your risk taking, most of the EA drawdown is less than 30% and in some of them (Professional ones) you can consider your risk taking in the setting. In this case, your drawdown is in your hand. About SL and TP, as we said, our Robots fully automatically do everything you need in trading. Of course, they put TP and SL based on their analysis and the setting.

-Do I need to check it every time and change setting?

Once you setup it up at first time, it will be full on autopilot, and you don’t need to change or check anything. EA will open and close trades in profit automatically.

-How Much Profit can I expect Monthly?

It depends on which EA you bought and depends on the market conditions, and how many accounts you are running.

Each Robot has own strategy and setting which you set on your account and start to make money. But generally based on market condition you can expected 10-30% monthly.